OUR Philosophy

Our Campers build character and confidence through daily activities geared towards learning and fun in a positive environment. Campers connect with others, make new friends, try new things and laugh! It is a true pleasure to provide campers with smiles every day. Our goal is to provide an environment in which the campers can feel safe learning new activities, have fun, be active and make new friends. We teach them games and play a variety of sports throughout the day. Our theme weeks provide a different identity and focus each week. Campers leave camp proud of their accomplishments.


1. Whatever it Takes

2. Everyone is Family

3. Do Small Things with Great Love


I will

Be kind and loving

Be Safe

Be helpful to others

Try new things


Hubbard Sports Camp was founded in 1998 by Bob and Kathy Hubbard. We have held camp at various locations across the valley, all with indoor and outdoor facilities and an accessible pool. Camp Hubbard was founded on the principles of strong values, character development, and physical activities to boost confidence and abilities. We want all kids to leave camp with enhanced social skills, a love for being active and knowledge and enjoyment of a variety of games and sports.


We take safety very seriously. We understand the importance of our care for your child while they are at camp. We focus on the safety of our campers physically and emotionally. Our training focuses on developing relationships with the campers, helping them create new friendships, learning different games and engaging in a variety of activities.

We do formal training with all of our staff prior to camp. We focus on child development, communication, emergency action plans, and personal connection.

We background check and drug test all staff. All staff are First Aid and CPR certified. Anyone who is responsible for the children while swimming is Lifeguard certified.

Our camp directors are teachers who have experience in the classroom working with children and parents. They oversee all the counselors and campers and communicate with the parents. We keep communication open and are available to help with every child in every situation.

We look forward to working together with campers and parents to make sure every camper has the best possible camp experience.