Every week we will have a different theme at camp. The theme will be incorporated throughout the week in different activities. Every Wednesday is theme dress up day! All campers and staff are encouraged to dress up and participate in the theme. It is something different and silly to make our weeks even more fun! If your camper would like to participate, please see the following list of theme days! Please wear gym shoes every day.

MAY 27th-May 31st


Time to celebrate Summer!! Water games, slides and activities! It’s the best time of the year - no homework! Time to hang out and play, laugh and enjoy being active all day.

**Dress up - Wednesday, May 29th Wacky Wednesday Dress Up Day.

It is summer - time to be crazy. Come to camp in the craziest get-up ever seen. Jaws should drop and the bursts of laughter should be uncontrollable. This broad theme leaves the door open for unconditional creativity. Crazy hair, socks, clothes, backwards shirt… anything goes!

June 3rd-7th

Superhero/Princess Week

Celebrating our courage and super powers, our commitment to helping others, and leading our lives honestly. Focusing on the magical talents every camper holds. Share our talents with one another through games and building friendships.

**Wednesday, June 5th. Superhero/Princess Dress Up Day.

This is your chance to be a superhero or princess for the day! Whether you are Spiderman or Cinderella, all are welcome at camp! Don’t have a costume? No need to worry - Superhero and princess t-shirts count!

June 10th-14th

World Cup 2018 is here

Reaching and accomplishing our GOOOALLLLSSS!!! The World Cup is happening! What is your goal this week? Have fun? Make someone laugh? Learn a new game? Make a friend? Let’s crush our goals together!

**Wednesday, June 12th. Jersey day/Favorite Sports Team Dress Up Day.

Do you have a favorite soccer team? Who do you want to win the World Cup? Did you play soccer? Do you still have your jersey? Wear it!!! If not, dress up in your favorite college, high school, grade school or sports team attire.

June 17th-21st

Ninja Time - Obstacle courses and Adventures

Climb, jump, swing, tumble your way through the week. Working on balance, reactions and the vision of what is ahead of you.

**Wednesday, June 19th. Ninja Dress Up Day.

Completely open to your determination of what it takes to be a Ninja. All black? All pink? Headbands? Ninja Turtle. Come ready to take on the world!

June 24th-28th

Treasure Hunts

Exploring, hunting, challenging indoor and outdoor fun! Follow your leaders, working together to solve the fun and exciting scavenger hunts in front of you.

**Wednesday, June 26th. Dress like a Pirate Day.

Who loves hunting for treasures? Pirates! Come dressed as your best pirate to take on the day full of treasure hunts.

July 1st-3rd

Party in the USA (no camp Thursday, July 4th and Friday, July 5th)

Land of the free because of the Brave. Celebrate the opportunity to play sports and form teams that work together. Celebrate our freedom by showing respect, gratitude towards others and practicing courage.

**Wednesday, July 3rd. Red, white, and blue Dress Up Day.

Dress head to toe in patriotic colors.

July 8th-12th

World Series - Create your own Home Run

Time to create your own home run! Find your favorite game or activity. What do you love to play? A week filled with new games, home run derby competitions, and hitting your grand slam in your favorite sport by doing your best and perseverance.

**Wednesday, July 10th. Jersey day/Favorite Sports Team Dress Up Day

Dress up in your favorite college, high school, grade school or sports team attire.

July 15th-19th

Summer Olympic Games

Opening & Closing Ceremonies - Competitions - Multiple Countries Represented - Bring on the Olympic Games!! Be ready to take action, learn how Olympians are patient and disciplined!

**Wednesday, July 17th. Dress as your favorite Olympian, favorite country or favorite sport!

Creativity is encouraged and admired!

July 22nd-26th

Ironman Triathlon - Hawaii Style

The Ironman started in Hawaii! We will be creating our own Ironman events - conquering three sports, games or obstacles in a row. Learning what it takes to be an ironman of all distances - determination, perseverance, and patience. Respect to all Ironman finisher

**Wednesday, July 24th. Hawaiian Day

Wear your favorite beach attire: Sun hats, flowers, and leis. Get Ready to Hula and Limbo!

July 29th-August 2nd

Famous Athletes

What makes an athlete famous? What do you admire most? What do you strive to achieve? This week we will pick some of our favorite athletes (any and all levels) and emulate their characteristics throughout our activities. Loyalty. Team Player. Responsible.

**Wednesday, July 31st- Hubbard Autograph Day.

Autograph day!! Wear a shirt that everyone can sign! We provide teams with permanent pens. Take home your friends, counselors and coaches’ autographs.