Teen Leadership

Many of our campers were sad to say goodbye to Camp Hubbard when they “aged out.” Teen Leadership Camp allows teens to remain part of the Camp Hubbard environment while they experience continued growth as individuals, have fun, and remain active throughout the summer. Teen Leaders participate in games and sports, have organized leadership activities, help create programming, and step up to guide younger campers.


Teen Leadership Camp is a great opportunity to grow in confidence, independence, and interpersonal skills. TLCs have the chance to work with younger campers by mentoring, guiding and helping them throughout the day. Our TLCs will coordinate weekly activities to learn about event planning, think through details, and practice presenting in front of groups.


We love our staff because they LOVE camp! Teen Leadership counselors follow guidelines to support the teen leaders in reaching their goals and learning new responsibilities. The counselors love to be active and play the different games with the teen leaders. They understand the importance of physical and emotional safety. They have a strong passion in working with teens and want to make your teen leader’s day!


Teens, more than almost any other demographic, need designated time and space away from screens. Camp is the time to unplug and connect with one another! We value face to face interactions, building relationships, and creating friendships. Teens are given the opportunity to work together to build physical, social, and emotional skills by following the Teen Leadership curriculum and mentoring younger campers.


8:30AM – 8:45AM

Teen Leaders meet with their fellow TLCs and teen director to go over the leadership curriculum and set daily goals.

8:45AM – 3:30PM

Teen leaders play a variety of games and different activities throughout the day, acting as participants and instructors. Teen Leaders explore a curriculum of trainings including development of leadership, personal responsibility, working with others and setting then achieving goals. They incorporate their goals and new learned responsibilities within the younger age groups, working alongside the camp counselors. This is an awesome opportunity for the teen leaders to guide and support the younger campers, developing friendships and becoming respected buddies to the younger kids.


Monday through Thursday: Campers bring a self-cooled lunch.

Friday: Camp Hubbard serves pizza.

3:30PM – 3:45PM

Pick up for all full day campers.

3:45PM – 6:00PM

Extended stay is provided for parents who need late pick up. The campers play different games in the gym.